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Telephone Key Commands
Live Conference Viewer Panel Functions
Dial-out Procedures
Our system utilizes the world market leader audio conferencing bridge from Spectel. Most of the moderator conference controls available from our web interface on this site are duplicated using your telephone keys.

If you are holding a conference call on the road from your cell phone you will still be able to dial-out to bring someone into your conference, attendees can self-mute themselves, and the moderator can secure the conference and also put it into lecture mode.

Telephone Key Commands
All telephone key commands featured in the table below use two keys, the Star (*) key along with a number to minimize false commands.
  Press   To   Option   Description
  *1 Dial out by accessing an open line, then enable the following key commands:

*2 - Returns both moderator and caller back to the conference

*3 - Returns moderator to conference, hangs up on caller

Moderator Dial Out Used by the moderator. (The moderator is temporarily removed from the conference while dialing out)

Note: you must use eleven digits when dialing out using only digits without any spaces or dashes, example: 12135551234. All subsequent number keys or special keys like # and * will be trapped by the conference bridge and not passed on to the called party as they are used for internal commands
  *2 Start a conference recording Conference Record The moderator starts a conference recording by entering a recording number between of at least six (6) digits they choose themselves.

Click here for detailed recording instructions

NOTE: Please listen to all the spoken instructions and follow them carefully. Please make a note of the recording number you entered so a MP3 download link can be created later

  *3 Start a playback of the conference Playback of a conference recording Any moderator or participant starts the playback function for a Conference recording
  *5 Apply lecture Lecture Used only by a moderator. The system plays a tone and then places all participant lines (except moderators) in listen-only mode
  *6 Self-mute a participant line Self-mute Used only by a participant. The system plays a tone privately to the requester and then places a participant line in listen-only mode
  *7 Secure a conference Secure Used only by a moderator. Locks conference to new particpants
  *8 Play a roster of participant names during a conference. Roster Available to both moderators and participants. The command temporarily removes the requester from the conference
Note: This only functions when name announce has been selected in the Create Conferences or Check Conferences menu

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Example of the Live Conference Viewer control panel:

Conference: John Doe

Phone number = Telephone number of party, our system records all incoming and outgoing telephone numbers.

Mod = Moderator

Mute = Green if unmuted, red if muted, clicking on button toggles between both conditions

Main = Green if attendee is in the main conference room

Sub = Green if the attendee is in the sub-conference room

Hangup = Click to remove

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Dial-out Procedures
The audio conference bridge is connected to the public telephone network via dedicated digital lines so every call must include a 1, the area code and the seven digit telephone number.

Dial-out is only allowed within the 48 states.
Note: you must use eleven digits when dialing out using only digits without any spaces or dashes.

For example, to call someone in New York City:



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