The Toll Free plan offers a powerful and flexible audio conferencing service, giving you control over your own conferences via the web.

Now with our web interface or via your phone keypad you can dial-out to attendees that have forgotten to call into your important conference call. You can also mute and hang-up on callers, and put them into sub-conferences.

In addition to controls via the web interface we have provided advanced reporting features

For more information about The Toll Free plan please see our help section or call GoConference at

Example of the live conference call control panel:

Click to view advanced reporting capabilities

Example of the call logs
  Conference: John Sterling
  Started at 09:57:20 on 2010-05-07
  54 minutes, 4 users, 209 billable minutes. Charge: $ 20.691
  Start Time   End Time   Minutes   Caller Phone  
  09:59:08   10:51:32   52   (802) 555-5555   Moderator
  09:57:20   10:51:31   54   (805) 555-1212    
  09:59:08   10:51:32   52   (303) 555-3030   Dialed Out
  09:59:43   10:51:32   51   (760) 555-3454   Dialed Out

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